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Series I

Now surpassed in fame as a writer by his daughter's best friend, Daphne du Maurier, Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (Q) was the pre-eminent Cornish writer of Victorian and Edwardian times and founder of the school of English Literature at Cambridge University.

Many of his stories related events and described the residents of the town of Fowey, where he was resident for fifty years and which he termed Troy. Ellixia present twenty volumes of his fiction and they are split into two series each of ten books.

This series, Series 1, contain an amusing story about the arrest of Bligh of the Bounty, a ghost story based on two actual shipwrecks on the same night, amusing tales about Fowey (which he called Troy) and records of soldiers from St. Ives who spent ten years in detention in Napoleonic France and who conducted a 1200 mile journey, by foot, to safety. It also contains a tale of the last military siege in England.

Each volume includes a brief biography of Q, introduces and reproduces the tale and then explores and discusses the real life events behind Q's fiction.

Series I                      Series II                     

I         The Arrest of Captain Bligh

II        The Roll Call of the Reef

III       The Last Siege in England

IV       Tales of The Looe Die-Hards I - The Short Stories

V        Tales of The Looe Die-Hards II - The Mayor of Troy

VI       Tales of Ardevora I - Prisoners of War in France

VII      Tales of Ardevora II

VIII     Tales of Ardevora III - Ia

IX       Christmas Tales

X        Highwaymen