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Series II

Q wrote extensively over many periods of history. This series, Series II, includes a tale of a headless carriage careering across Dartmoor, tales of legendary Cornish pirates, stories about Scilly and extensive thrilling tales about the English Civil War.

Two of his best volumes included here are Hetty Wesley which is a tragic tale of the life of one of the sisters of John and Charles Wesleys who created the Methodist Church and The Westcotes which includes much fascinating details about French and American prisoners of war in Napoleonic times and provide much fascinating insight into how the prisoners lived, especially when on parole, and how the local people accommodated them.

Q's writing is of huge significance since his fiction was very often based on factual events which have now passed from memory. Each volume is annotated and referenced with the locations, real identities and background material discussing the context of the story.

Each volume includes a brief biography of Q, introduces and reproduces the tale and then explores and discusses the real life events behind Q's fiction.

Series I                      Series II                     

I         Lady Mary

II        Pirates!

III       Love

IV       Scilly

V        Escapades and Occasional Escapes

VI       Hetty Wesley

VII      Tales of The Civil War

VIII     Spies

IX       The Westcotes

X        Harry Revel