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X - Highwaymen

This volume contains three, highwaymen-related, short stories published in anthologies over several decades-;

  • The Statement of Gabriel Foot, Highwayman
  • The Two Householders
  • The Man Behind The Curtain

The supposed teller of these tales, Gabriel Foot, appears to be fictitious but the stories are exciting and reveal much interesting information about 18th century etiquette and life in 18th century Bodmin.

The Statement of Gabriel Foot, Highwayman tells the tale of his trial for murder and the consequences; whilst The Two Householders recounts Gabriel Foot’s discovery of a mysterious mansion at night; and The Man Behind The Curtain relates the consequences on a family of a disinherited heir.

All three also provide enjoyable insights in Cornish etiquette and traditions which are now long forgotten..

Series I                      Series II                     

I         The Arrest of Captain Bligh

II        The Roll Call of the Reef

III       The Last Siege in England

IV       Tales of The Looe Die-Hards I - The Short Stories

V        Tales of The Looe Die-Hards II - The Mayor of Troy

VI       Tales of Ardevora I - Prisoners of War in France

VII      Tales of Ardevora II - Smugglers and Elections

VIII     Tales of Ardevora III - Ia

IX       Christmas Tales

X        Highwaymen