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VIII - Tales of Ardevora III - Ia

This volume, the third of three in this series alone, about St. Ives which he termed Ardevora (Cornish: ar devra, ‘Upon the haven’), relates the tale of Ia, named after the Patron Saint of St. Ives.

With clear echoes of George Eliot’s Middlemarch, and references to J.M. Barrie’s The Little Minister, medieval ballads and Biblical references, Ia relates the story of the love between two people of very different stations in life.

Perfect examples of Q’s empathetic and supportive attitude towards women, Ia and Hetty Wesley reflect his respect and support for women who indeed disparaged by the society they were born in to. The references are described in the afterword to Ia in this volume.

Without spoiling the story, Ia contains a tale, with lightly disguised historical references to real events in Cornwall but which is also very positive towards women who rise above their circumstances. It is important too for not necessarily following the sterotypical progress of romances of the Victorian era while giving an intimate portrait of day to day life and difficulties in nineteenth century St. Ives.

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