January 13th Thomas Grenfell Vyvyan (Birth)  
                  Trelowarren in 1831 (Thomas Allom, 1804 – 1872)    

The Reverend Thomas Grenfell Vyvyan was a noted mathematician of the Victorian era. 

The nephew of the 8th baronet, Sir Richard Rawlinson Vyvyan (1800 – 1879) of Trelowarren (pictured above), he was the cousin of the 10th baronet, Sir Courtenay Bourchier Vyvyan, who was married to the famous country, horticulture and travel writer C.C. Rogers (March 1st).

His most notable books include ‘Elementary Analytical Geometry’ (1867), ‘Analytical Geometry’ (1875), ‘Analytical Geometry for Beginners’ (1894) and ‘Introduction to Plane Trignometry’ (1892).

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