January 18th Thomas Tregosse (Death)  

Born in St. Ives, Rev. Thomas Tregosse (c.1600 - 1670) was a Puritan and Vicar of Mylor and Mabe who was ejected from his living on August 24th, 1662 under the Act of Uniformity for being a nonconformist. 

Susan Elizabeth Gay (January 12th) relates that he subsequently formed an Independent Congregation in Falmouth in 1662 and was jailed for three months for preaching at the Congregational Sunday School in Falmouth.

In 1663, he preached at the Church of Saint Laud, Mabe and was again sentenced to three months in Launceston Gaol.  Subsequently, he was gaoled twice more for breaching the Conventicle Act of 1664 which only permitted non-Anglican services to be held in private homes with only members of the householders present and even then, to no more than five people. 

He was released from his fourth term of imprisonment by Royal Decree but was arrested again for preaching in a private home in Great Torrington.  In his later years, he increased the frequency of his preaching to Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays but restricted his activities to the Penryn area where he died on this day in 1670.


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