January 27th Humphrey Arundell (death, 1550)  

Humphrey Arundell (1513 – 1550) of Helland in Cornwall, was the leader of Cornish forces in the 1549 Prayer Book Rebellion (June 6th) and was executed at Tyburn after the rebellion had been put down. 

Born in Helland, near Bodmin, Arundell, whose maternal grandfather had been an early supporter of Perkin Warbeck,  inherited large estates in both Cornwall and Devon.

In 1549, Arundell, who had been captain of St. Michael’s Mount, became leader of the Cornish army, which had assembled at Bodmin.  Following some initial successes, Arundell was finally defeated at Launceston. 

He was transferred to Rougemont Castle en route to the Tower of London.  Condemned to death for High Treason, Arundell was hanged, drawn and quartered on this day in 1550.
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