January 29th Joseph Austen Treffry (Death)  






Plymouth born Joseph Austen Treffry (1782 – 1850) was an engineer, industrialist and mining adventurer who became one of the most important landowners when he inherited Place House in Fowey from his maternal uncle whilst an Oxford undergraduate.  He did not complete his education at Exeter College, leaving without a degree, in order to administer the estate.

Treffry built a new quay at Fowey in order to accommodate large vessels for tin and copper, took full control of two mines which, consolidated as Fowey Consols, became the most productive Cornish mine with 1,680 employees.  Treffry continued his ventures with the building of Par Harbour which was also used for china clay exports and coal imports.  It was a major civil engineering project and was capable of accommodating fifty, 200-ton, ships.  Yet more projects were Newquay harbour and construction of the Treffry Viaduct (pictured below) which is 650 feet in length and 100 feet tall at its highest.




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