January 3rd Mark Guy Pearse (Birth)

Camborne – born Mark Guy Pearse (1842 – 1930) was a Methodist preacher, writer, lecturer and author who became a household name across Britain.
Initially studying medicine, he quickly changed to theology, becoming a Wesleyan minister in 1863.  During the next twenty years, he served in Leeds, London, Ipswich, Bedford, Launceston, and Bristol.

Over sixty years, starting in 1870, Pearse published over forty books and over forty articles, tracts and booklets, which led to worldwide fame.  Most famously he published A Service For the Sick In Home and Hospital, Daniel Quorm and His Religious Notions, God’s Cure For Worry, Sermons For Children, The Gentleness Of Jesus and The God Of Our Pleasures as well as books about Cornwall, notably Bridgetstow, Cornish Stories and West Country Songs.

In 1886, he joined the ‘West London Mission’ which led to extensive tours in Africa, America and Australia and which brought him into the widespread Cornish diaspora and further added to his fame and reputation.

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