January 6th Rev. Richard Polwhele (Birth)

Richard Polwhele (1760 – 1838) was a famous, Truro – born clergyman, historian and poet.  Ordained, in 1782, he took up a position in Devon but in 1794, following the death of his first wife, Loveday, and his remarriage (to Mary Tyrrell) he became Vicar of Manaccan in Cornwall.  Polwhele angered his parishioners with his work restoring the church and vicarage, becoming non-resident in 1806. 

In literary terms he is remembered for his, 2-volume, History of Devonshire and his, magisterial, 7-volume History of Cornwall as well as numerous volumes of poetry, his pamphlets and articles attacking Methodism. 

He is, however, most famously remembered for his detention of Captain Bligh (December 27th) who was perceived to be acting suspiciously on the Helford River, arrested as a suspected French spy and detained in Polwhele’s shed until his identity was confirmed.  Polwhele later wrote that they had an enjoyable evening and they became firm friends.

This entertaining event is included in Volume I of this writer's, twenty volume, series Q's Historical Legacy.

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