July 13th Anthony Payne (Death)


Stratton – born Anthony Payne (1612 – 1691) was the bodyguard for Sir Bevil Grenville (February 23rd) in the English Civil War. 

Payne grew to a height of 7’4” which is almost two feet taller than the average height of a man of his time. His weight was allegedly almost 32 stone and he had the strength that would be expected of such a man, with tales such as climbing up a steep cliff with one friend tucked under each arm.

His loyalty to Grenville and his bravery brought him to the attention of King Charles I who ordered the painting of his portrait (above left) which now hangs in the The Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.  After the Civil War, Payne returned to his home in Stratton and spent  the rest of his life in the manor house of his birth which is now a public house, The Tree (pictured below).



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