July 21st William Marshall (Birth)

St. Ives – born William ‘Bill’ Marshall (1923 – 2007) joined the Leach Pottery as its first apprentice in 1938 when he was only 14.

In 1942, he was conscripted to serve in the Royal Artillery and finally returned to the town five years later after a long convalescence from his injuries.

On his return, he became the foreman of Bernard Leach’s pottery and, as Leach aged Marshall threw pots for Leach to add the final touches and decorations.

Marshall established his own pottery with his works clearly influenced not only by Leach.

He exhibited in his own right at the Penwith Society of Arts and at the Boymans Museum of Rotterdam.

Some of Marshall’s works are now exhibited in the Victoria and Albert Museum including the Squared Vase (1990) which is pictured below.


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