July 30th Charles Wesley (St. Just)

Text Box:  On this day in 1743, Charles Wesley made his first visit to St. Just. 

This is significant because his experiences inspired his brother, John (June 17th) to visit. Their joint impact was remarkable not just because of the effect they had on the lifestyle of many residents but also because they inspired the building of the magnificent, one thousand person capacity, Methodist Chapel which has been, justly, referred to as ‘The Miners’  Cathedral of Cornwall ’ (pictured right).

At the time the country was already in the midst of the second Scottish Jacobite uprising and the Text Box:  combination of rebellion in the north and enthusiastic revivalism in the west led to resistance by local gentry who felt their position threatened by their incorrect notion that changes in the nation were unwanted. 

Their views were ignored and it was estimated that Charles Wesley preached to over two thousand people in the open air at the plain an gwarry (open air ampitheatre for dramas) which is one of the few, fully intact, examples remaining of such sites.

The first St Just Wesleyan Meeting House, (pictured left) which still stands  was established in the same year in a barn.

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