May 2nd William Paul (Birth)
St. Agnes – born William Paul (1803 – 1889) was born on this day in  1803.  Becoming a Mormon High Priest after moving to America, Paul  became one of the most eminent architects in Salt Lake City in Utah. His most memorable design is Devereaux House (pictured below) which was built for William Carter Staines, an English – born horticulturalist, businessman and Mormon convert who was responsible for the gardens of the Mormon leader, Brigham Young.  
The first grand mansion in Salt Lake City, Devereaux House became the social centre of the city and was, for a time, owned by Young’s son,  Joseph Angell Young.  Inspired by French architecture of the time it later became the site of a meeting which resolved the Utah War, the armed conflict between the Mormons and the United States’ army.  

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