September 14th Hilda Fearon (Death)

Banstead – born Hilda Fearon (1878 – 1917) was the younger sister of the painter Annie (Fearon) Walke (July 6th), the wife of Father Bernard Walke (June 25th).

Fearon studied with her sister at the Chelsea School of Art and the London School of Art, with her sister. They moved to Dresden together to study before moving to Cornwall, initially to St. Ives although Annie then moved to Polruan.

Fearon studied under Algernon Mayow Talmage and painted a famous portrait of him smoking and reading (below left).

An English Impressionist, however, she concentrated on representing women in domestic, indoor and outdoor, activities attempting to portray contemporary life as ‘transitory but knowable’.

She exhibited at The Royal Academy on at least sixteen occasions, Glasgow, Dublin, Paris, Vienna and Pittsburgh before her tragically early death at the age of thirty-nine. Much of her work is now in The Tate including her most famous work, ‘The Tea Party’ (pictured below right).

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