September 22nd Bryan Igham (Death)

Yorkshire – bred Bryan Ingham (1936 – 1997) was a painter, sculptor and etcher. Born with partial deafness and brought up in a poor family, he was introduced to art, literature and music by an uncle who lived with the family.

He developed his interest in oil painting and  completed many paintings whilst on National Service.

After demobilisation he studied at St Martin’s School of Art and then at the Royal College of Art where he was a contemporary of David Hockney and where he developed a further interest in etching. 

Some time later he rejected the idea of what he described as being an ‘establishment artist’ and settled in a semi-detached cottage on the west side of the Lizard with no running water or electricity and on the boundary of RNAS Predannack (May 7th).   He retained the cottage, one of the last remaining parts of the ancient community of Jollytown, for the rest of his short life, concentrating on creating large etchings and sculpting whilst also teaching at the Falmouth School of Art.

Later, he moved to a converted barn at the Lizard and then to Helston to be near his parents who lived in a house he had bought for their retirement.

Ingham lived in Helston until his death from cancer in 1997.


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