September 27th Sir John St. Aubyn (Birth)

The 3rd Baronet, Sir John St Aubyn, (1696 – 1744) of Clowance (pictured) was the main supporter of Henry Rogers (June 18th) who caused the last siege of England.

He was also the descendant of Thomas St. Aubyn who, even though the local magistrate, was implicated in the wrecking of a ship owned by the King of Portugal, the Santo António, which sank just off Gunwalloe, in 1527, laden with silver ingots and copper.

Educated at Oxford, (Exeter College), St Aubyn was returned unopposed as Member of Parliament for Cornwall (1722) and continued, always unopposed, as a County Member in 1727, 1734 and 1741.

A rare speaker in the Commons, he was opposed to the actions of Robert Walpole and was vocal in his hostility to the Septennial Act, which increased the term of a Parliament from three to seven years and the employment of Hanoverian troops with British forces.

St. Aubyn died, of ‘fever’ in 1744 and was entombed in a granite vault at Crowan Church.
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