September 8th Bryan Herbert Wynter (Birth)

The London – born, abstract artist, Bryan Herbert Wynter (1915 – 1975) was an integral member of the St. Ives Group.

Educated at Haileybury, he studied at the Westminster School of Art (1937 – 1938) and then the Slade School of Fine Art (1938-40). 

A conscientious objector, Wynter spent the Second World War working on land drainage and then worked for a zoologist before settling in Zennor where he met and married Suzanne Lethbridge, daughter of the writer Mabel Lethbridge (July 14th) whom he met in Cornwall.  Between 1951 and 1956, Wynter also taught at the Bath Academy of Art.

Mainly an abstract artist inspired by nature, exemplified by Riverbed,   Wynter also spent time developing his ‘Images Moving Out Onto Space’ where, with a parabolic mirror, he would hang contrasting pairs of painted shapes, which could rotate freely. This meant that, with their enlarged reflections, the images appeared to move in opposite directions.

Nine of Wynter’s works are owned by the Tate, fourteen by the British Council and others are in the collections of the Arts Council, the National Galleries of Scotland, the National Museum & Gallery of Wales and numerous other regional galleries.


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