August 30th Charles Wesley (St. Ives)

On this day in 1743, Charles Wesley paid his first visit to St. Ives to preach. 

Although initially regarded with suspicion he quickly won over the many dozens of people who had come out to listen to him. Wesley remained overnight in the town and preached again in the morning. 

In his journal, he recorded that

Tuesday, 30th. In the evening we reached St. Ives.  At seven I invited  all guilty, helpless sinners who were conscious they had nothing to  pay to accept of free forgiveness.  The room was crowded both within  and without; but all were quiet and attentive.

Wednesday, 31st  I spoke severally with those of the society, who were about one hundred and twenty.  Nearly a hundred of these had found peace with God: such is the blessing of being persecuted for  righteousness’ sake! As we were going to church at eleven, a large company at the market place welcomed us with a loud huzza: wit as harmless as the ditty sung under my window (composed, one assured me, by a gentlewoman of their own town), “ Charles Wesley is come to town,  To try if he can pull the churches down”.’



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