December 22nd Charles Fox (Birth)


Charles Fox (1797 – 1878) was a member of the famous, Quaker, Fox family of shipping agents, industrialists and philanthropists in Falmouth.

The brother of Robert Were Fox the Younger (July 25th) and Mariana Fox (1807–1863) who was the mother of the famous mountaineer Francis Fox Tuckett, he was also the uncle of Caroline Fox (May 24th), the brother of Alfred Fox (September 9th) and the uncle of Barclay Fox (July 24th).  His niece, Caroline Fox, founded The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society (April 22nd) at Falmouth and Charles was its President (1871–72). He was also President of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall (February 11th) from 1863 until 1867.  He is, however, best known for his development of Trebah Gardens and Polgwidden Cove, the adjacent estate to Alfred’s Glendurgan Gardens.
Under Fox’s ownership Trebah Gardens’ twenty six acres were developed into a sub-tropical environment with hundreds of oaks and elms planted to protect it from the wind. 

Over one hundred and fifty years later, Polgwidden Cove was one of the main departure points for American troops involved in the D-Day Landings.  In later generations, Trebah was owned by Donald Healey (July 3rd) who removed the concrete from the cove needed by the D-Day troops.  Now owned by an independent trust it is regarded as one of South Cornwall’s greatest garden attractions.


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