December 5th Frank Bodilly (Birth)




Penzance – born Frank Bodilly (1860 – 1926) was the only Cornish-born member of the Newlyn School of Arts and the one with the shortest membership.

Bodilly was the son of a grocer in Market Place who became a significant shareholder in Penzance’s oldest bank, Batten, Carne and Carne, which later became entangled in one of Cornwall’s most notorious banking scandals.

Friendly with Stanhope Forbes (November 18th) and Elizabeth Forbes (December 29th) he started painting himself and, in the 1881 census was recorded as an artist, living at the family home of Alverton Cottage.

A witness to the wedding of  Thomas ‘T.C.’Gotch (December 10th) and Caroline Burland Yates (December 14th), he subsequently married Caroline’s sister, Esther Burland Yates.  In 1886, Bodilly exhibited at the Royal Academy but his most famous work was ‘Mending Father’s Nets’ (pictured left).

Bodilly’s artistic career was not to last long since, having trained as a lawyer, he moved to colonial service in India and Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon). 

On retirement, he returned to Alverton Cottage but died, in 1926, when travelling in Sicily.





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