November 20th Sir Archie Pellow Marshall KC (Birth)


Roche – born Sir Archie Pellow Marshall (1899-1966) was a repeatedly unsuccessful Liberal Parliamentary candidate but a very successful lawyer who became famous as the judge at the trial of Stephen Ward, the osteopath at the centre of the Profumo Scandal.

Educated at Truro School and Cambridge (Gonville and Caius), he was called to the Bar in 1925 and was appointed King’s Counsel in 1947, becoming a High Court Judge in 1959.

In 1963, he presided over the trial of Dr. Stephen Ward but it has been alleged that that he misdirected the jury on several legal points.

The transcript of his summing up to the jury has been sealed until 2046 despite, or maybe because of, the case allegedly being ‘a gross miscarriage of  justice’.

President of the London Cornish Association, he married Meta Hawke, of Bugle in 1926 and they had one son and one daughter.

In 1963 was appointed a Bard of the Gorsedh Kernow (Septermber 21st) taking the Bardic name ‘Brusyas an Gernewyon’ (‘Judge of the Cornish’).


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