October 1st George Ramsay Acland Mills (Birth)

Bude – born George Ramsay Acland Mills (1896 – 1972) was a teacher and author of children's adventure stories, which revolved around boys’ preparatory schools and involved cricket, pranks and mysteries together with a pet bulldog, Uggles.

Mills’ education at Oxford was interrupted by the First World War in which he served with the Rifle Brigade and then the Royal Army Service Corps. 

He also served in the Second World War, in the Royal Army Pay Corps, until he was discharged in 1943 on the grounds of ill health. 

After the First World War, Mills took advantage of a 1920, Oxford, decree that any undergraduate who had served in the forces for at least one year could return. 

Although he entered Christ Church in 1919, there is no record of him graduating.

Now very dated, Mill’s most popular books include ‘Meredith and Co.’ (1933), ‘King Willow’ (1938), and ‘Minor and Major’ (1939).
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