October 13th Sir Terry Frost (Birth)

Leamington Spa born, Sir Terry Frost (1915 – 2003) became a Newlyn – based abstract artist renowned for his use of light, colour and shape.

Frost did not become a professional artist until he was in his thirties. When he left school, he worked in engineering and served in France, Greece and the Middle East during the Second World War.  He was taught to paint when, as a prisoner of war, he met the artist Adrian Heath who, in later years, visited St. Ives (1949 & 1951) and who became the main link between the St. Ives School and Constructivism.  After studying at the Camberwell School of Art, Frost moved to St. Ives in 1946 and had his first solo exhibition in St. Ives the following year.  He returned to Camberwell and studied under Ben Nicholson (February 6th) before returning to St. Ives (1951) working under Barbara Hepworth (May 20th) and collaborating with Roger Hilton (April 30th) on constructivism.

Frost’s first London exhibition was at the Leicester Galleries and he taught at the Bath Academy of Art, the Coventry College of Art and the Leeds School of Art before being appointed Professor of Painting at the University of Reading.  Frost’s first American exhibition occurred in New York in 1960 where met many abstract expressionists including Mark Rothko who was a powerful influence on Peter Lanyon (August 31st).
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