October 3rd Harold Knight RA (Death)

Nottingham – born Harold Knight (1874 – 1961) studied at the Nottingham School of Art where he met Laura Johnson who he married in 1903.  Knight concentrated on landscapes and gentle interior and exterior scenes of people but never became as famous as his wife, Dame Laura Knight RA (July 7th) who became a renowned artist and the first woman elected to the Royal Academy. 

After time in Paris and on the North Yorkshire cast, the Knights moved to Newlyn and then to Lamorna. Remaining until 1919, they both became integral parts of the Lamorna School notably being friends with Harold Harvey (May 19th), Alethea Garstin (June 1st), Ernest Procter (October 21st) and Dod Procter (July 31st), Annie Walke (July 6th) and her husband Father Bernard Walke (June 25th) who was a friend of Sandys Wason (October 2nd).

A conscientious objector, Knight spent the War as a farm labourer and was rejected by many of his former friends for his beliefs. 

After the Armistice, the Knights moved to London but returned to Lamorna frequently.  Knight was elected to the Royal Academy in 1937 and died in Herefordshire in 1961.


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