October 30th Rev. John Whitaker (Death)

The Manchester – born Rev. John Whitaker (1735 – 1808) was an antiquarian and Rector of Ruan Lanihorne (located between Veryan,  Tregony and St Michael Penkevil) for thirty years (1778 – 1808).

Having written histories of his home city, he became famous for his ‘The Ancient Cathedral of Cornwall, A study of the Church of St. Germans’ (2 volumes, 1804).

Whitaker published poems and many of his sermons and contributed significantly to the ‘History of Cornwall’ by Rev. Richard Polwhele (January 6th).   To further supplement his income, Whitaker also submitted articles to numerous periodicals. 

Whitaker also published books on the decline of the Cornish language, an idiosyncratic study of the history of the Britons and ‘The Life of Saint Neot, the Oldest of all the Brothers to King Alfred’ (published posthumously in 1809), ‘Mary Queen of Scots Vindicated’ (3 volumes, 1787) and ‘The Real Origin of Government’ (1795).



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