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XX - Harry Revel

In this volume, Q tells of an abandoned child, ‘ Harry Revel ’, growing up in a foundlings’ hospital in Plymouth under the motherly care of the institution’s matron, his subsequent apprenticeship to a chimney sweep, despite his desire to become a soldier, and his escape to the Peninsular Wars to escape being falsely accused of murder.

The story then progresses rapidly and include vivid descriptions of battles of the Peninsular War and of many of the real life generals serving under Wellington. Whilst the main character is fictitious the story’s backgrounds are of real places and events and breathe life into the history of the Peninsular Wars.

This volume contains a concise summary of the major events of the above war that are pertinents to the story and the story itself, ‘Harry Revel ’ with period illustrations, sketches and paintings and is annotated to indicate the historical background to a very exciting novel.

Also included is an interesting aside about the origin of the name of Ladysmith in South Africa which is unrelated to this tale but involves the romantic tale of an army officer in Ciudado Rodrigo.

This volume concludes with extracts of two books about the Peninsular War by General Sir William Napier (1785 – 1860) who fought in the Peninsular War and wrote a six-volume history of the War and was an Irish soldier in the British Army and a military historian and Sir Charles Oman (1860 – 1946) a renowned British military historian as well as short pen-portraits details of both writers..

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