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III - The Last Siege in England

If offered for publication today, this volume would be described as ridiculously melodramatic and overwrought fiction.

A pewterer in Helston, son of a farmer whose land has been within the family for generations, contents himself with the knowledge that one day he will inherit everything and become wealthy. His world is turned upside down when his father, in his sixties, announces that he is to marry a nineteen year old Porthleven woman. This marriage was criticised by everybody due to the age gap and the perception of the bride as a gold digger.

Shortly after the marriage the farmer dies and his attorney reveals that his father has left everything to his new, young wife. In utter fury, the disinherited son storms the farmhouse one day and takes possession when his stepmother is out. The local squire who is also the magistrate attends the farm to inform the man that it is not his property and he must leave as his father's will is legal. In response the main character assembles a group of supporters and secures the farmhouse with heavy weapons. When the magistrate returns he is shot at leading to a contingent of soldiers and a cannon arriving from Pendennis Castle and a siege ensues. Q's work describes in vivid detail the duration of the siege and the consequences.

Meldoramatic and unbelievable? Certainly, if fiction, but in essence the story is completely true and and all the events actually occurred.

This volume contains both factual and Q’s fictional accounts of real Cornish events together with a short foreword setting the scene and an afterword describing the true events and identifies the locations as well as the real, historical, personalities. Q's work is a page turning read and demonstrates the importance of his supposed fiction. Whilst very imaginative in describing the personalities and locations perhaps his real importance lies in that much of his supposed fiction was based on real events, real people and oral history which would otherwise be lost to us..

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